On My Mentoring Soap Box

We gave ourselves a BIG PEP TALK. =) We encouraged each other in doing what we know is right and what we all feel passionate about doing, with regards to loving our students.

I took the TIME to work on a TIME CHART to give us a better idea of how much time during an average week and month that we (the church) actually spend impacting our students.

I am counting the times we see them at any church service, or any youth event. I think this exercise has helped me see the bigger picture. It's not that we're NOT TRYING to impact our students in positive ways toward Jesus Christ. It's just that everyone and everything else (home-life, school-life in some cases work-life) take the majority of our student's availability. 

This is not an excuse for not seeing a bigger difference in the lives of our students, but this did help me put some things into perspective.

7 days a week x 24 hours in a day = 168 hours

168 hours in a week x approximately 4 weeks in a month = approximately 672 hours in a month

Breaking this down by week:
Sunday's = approximately 5 hours
Wednesday evening's = approximately 2 hours
Friday evening events = approximately 3 hours (we don't have these every week but every other week)
Sunday evening service approximately 1 time a month with youth choir practice = approximately 3 hours

Despite what you see above, I really am trying to keep this very simple. 0:-D

On an average week, we see the students for approximately 8 hours. Remember, there are 169 hours in a week. We're seeing our students about 5% of THEIR time.

On an average monthly basis, we see the students approximately 45 hours. This is nearly 7% of THEIR time, each month.

You guys know where this is going, don't you? 

As if YOU have TONS of free time... I know, none of us do, and yet, I feel passionate about imploring you as I have felt implored by recent discussions with some of you, to buckle down, dig my feet in, and really grow as a mentor to these students. 

I am convinced that more time with our students = greater impact on the lives of our students.

Not sure how you all feel about this, and would love your feedback. Some of you are probably saying, "Wait a minute! What happened to the pep talk?" LOL

I have been trying to wrap my brain around discussions I have had recently and wanted to find an answer to some of the questions I've been presented with and have struggled internally with for some time now.

Spending T.I.M.E. with students makes a difference.

Think Influential Meaningful Experiences. Never give up!